Board gaming earrings

From now on, we offer boardgaming-themed earrings for all board-gaming ladies. Laser cut, hand glued, and painted. Look at this link:

Vacation 2022.

We are going on vacation from 19.7. to 23.8.2021. Nonetheless, the webshop will still work, but minor delays can be expected. So, there will be almost no major changes for you, except that we will rest a bit in the shade by the river and the sea, and play a few board games with friends.

Essen Spiel ’22 PickUp

We are going to the Essen SPIEL ’22 fair as an exhibitor. So we started offering a Free Essen Pickup option on our webshop. You can order some items here and pickup in the Essen, and avoid paying for shipping on your orders. We will have our booth in Hall 5, booth 5C113 (almost the … Read more

InMyBox insert Wishlist

From now on, you can participate with your wishes and needs in creating the InMyBox waiting list for new inserts. Fill out this form and increase the chance that your desire will improve the chances that next time we will release an insert just for the board game you want! You can find this link … Read more

Price increase

For some time now (since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic), plywood prices have been going wild, and the war in Ukraine has now particularly fueled the problem. Since our supplier purchases goods from Ukraine, we can no longer purchase plywood, so we are forced to pay a more expensive delivery price. We are now … Read more

Unauthorized use of personal promo codes

We would like to inform all potential buyers that the unauthorized use of personal promo codes used by members of the Croatian Association “Igranje” as a discount has occurred. It is not possible to transfer personal promo codes to other users, so we warn customers not to try to enter such promo codes because we … Read more

Covid-19 positive employee again

After 13 months we are again in self-isolation until 28.1.2022.Symptoms are minor and we have almost no problems, but we will not be able to deliver orders outside EU until the specified date. We apologize to everyone who will experience delays in order delivery.

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