Thank you all for your support!We successfully completed this campaign 4 days before the end. We will definitely keep track of further sales to see how many sales we end up collecting.SEE YOU IN ESSEN!Thanks again to everyone who supported us!

Extension of the deadline

Since the circumstances have changed, we are counting on one support, so we have extended the duration of our small campaign to collect funds for the exhibition in Essen this year. We have now set the deadline for April 15, and we now expect only €2,000 from sales by that date.Thank you to everyone who … Read more

We ask for your support

We are asking for your support so that we can attend the Essen Spiel 2024. Every year, exhibiting at the Essen Spiel is more and more expensive, while we are a small company with a budget that barely covers this expense. We know that attending the world’s largest board game fair is very important to … Read more

Cart problem

We inform you that our store is currently having problems with the shopping cart and checkout, so we cannot work until further notice. We hope for help from the support for the responsible plugin at the beginning of next week.

The Essen Spiel is over

We want to thank our team at Essen Spiel: Omron (logistic manager), Dam Dam (senior sales manager), Luka (media manager), and all our friends from other countries who always visit us at our booth! We spend unforgettable moments with you every year, thank you all! Hope to see everyone again next year! Now we need … Read more

MTL Sleeves partnership

We are honored to announce that we are in partnership with MTL Sleeves and that we will be offering their sleeves from now on. To begin with, there will only be basic sizes, but over time we plan to expand the offer.Also, already at Essen this year we will have MTL sleeves on offer.

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