COVID-19: Information

Dear Customer,

The health of our employees and respect towards our communities is of the utmost importance to us as a company. In accordance with the regulations set in place by the Croatian government regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, we have reduced the number of raw material orders to make organizers and 3D prints to reduce the risk of infection. We still produce smaller quantities of new stock, and we receive orders as long as we have boardgame accessories on the stock.


The shipping times displayed on our websites are generally accurate. However, we kindly request your understanding should unexpected delays occur on part of our delivery company partners. If you are located in an area currently under quarantine, additional delays may occur which are unfortunately out of our control.

What’s next?

As the Covid-19 crisis intensifies in neighboring countries, especially Italy, the Croatian government has also tightened measures, prohibiting anyone from leaving the city of residence. Therefore, we are not able, for the time being, to procure new raw materials, in particular, for organizer production. We will definitely let you know about the further development of the situation.

Keep your homes, play board games and stay healthy!

Sincerely yours InMyBox team.

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