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Insert compatible with board game AuZtralia from Martin Wallace.


  • shake test passed
  • fast setup
  • component count in every box
  • supports sleeved cards
  • stickers for box (easy to sort organizer boxes)
  • baltic birtch 3mm
  • no glue is needed

Not an Official SchilMil Games, Ltd. product.

Hobby gaming product. Age 14+. Not a children’s toy.
Warning: Choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 years.

How to assemble this organizer:

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Dimensions 289 × 289 × 65 mm

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6 reviews for AuZ organizer

  1. Cristina Santos (verified owner)

    The organizer is of great quality, it’s sturdy yet elegant and it defintely makes it easier to set up and tear down the game. You spend more time playing than hunting for all the pieces. All the pieces fit easily in the several compartments and there is even some space left which is a good thing because the publisher on AuZtralia informed me that they are working on an expansion, how exciting ! The inmybox team and Mr. Kosak and very serious, reliable sellers. A couple of components arrived cracked and they were immediately replaced, I can’t praise enough their customer service. THANK YOU, I will certainly buy some more inserts with you. Cristina

    • ikosak (store manager)

      Dear Cristina,
      I’m really sorry that there was a problem. Please contact our support again and we will resolve your issue.

  2. QuikillBins


  3. Marco

    Why are there both a Revelation Cards holder similar to any other card holder in the organizer and a vertical “Revelation Cards box”? The vertical box seems much bigger than the actual Revelation cards…

  4. ikosak (store manager)

    Dear Marco,
    I’m not sure about your first question, what do you mean.
    We included two Revelation Card boxes because there is enough space in the game box. You should store all Revelation cards in “vertical” box when you don’t play the game. In setup, you must create a Revelation card deck with 5 cards from all 3 Revelation decks. Then you put that deck in the Revelation card holder box (the horizontal one), and the rest of unused cards you must return to the box, so you can put them in the “vertical” Revelation box.
    Why is the vertical box bigger than the cards? Well purely to fill the game box so that the insert does not “dance” in the box.

  5. Marco (verified owner)

  6. Jérôme LAMARQUE (verified owner)

    I am truely sorry because I hate posting bad comments … But it is the worst insert I have been trying to assemble so far…
    I have spent 10 minutes trying to assemble the first tray but only managed to damage it by making lots of shards.
    I can not slot a side in another with my bare hands : it is really too hard, as if the spaces were tigh too much. Is it normal ? Or am I so weak and skillless? I will give another try later with a hammer but I wonder how I will be able to hit on 2 pieces not well joined by hand first…
    Did I get the wrong copy ?
    I am starting to think I should have ordered it assembled… 🙁

    • ikosak (store manager)

      Hi Jérôme, I’m really sorry you’re having trouble putting it together. Our inserts are not intended for assembly by hand. If you look at the video instructions you will see that it is necessary to use a rubber mallet. It is intentionally more difficult to assemble so that glue should not be used and so that the organizer lasts as long as possible.

      • Jérôme LAMARQUE (verified owner)

        Hi ikosak,
        Thanks for your response. I have just broken the back of the second tray… I am giving up for now. I did not expect this assembly to be so hard as I have already assembled many wooden insert without using a single tool, not even glue. And they last too….
        I am just feeling disappointed.

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